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Power Up
6 one-hour sessions during 2-3 months
Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and debrief
  unlimited email access in between sessions

Get the jumpstart you need to achieve a specific SuperWork objective with the Power Up Package. Coaching requires some work both during and in between sessions to help clients implement effective and sustainable changes to get what they want. This introductory package is perfect for clients that want a small taste of what coaching can do and believe they have the drive to take action once they determine the right steps for them.
  Staying Power
12 one-hour sessions during 3-6 months  
Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and debrief
  unlimited email access in between sessions
Values Assessment

The Staying Power Package is the ideal starting point for clients that know they want to be a SuperWorker but are not quite sure what that looks like and how to get there.  This package gives clients time to explore the heart of what is holding them back from greatness. Clients will take a Values Assessment to help get empowered to shift their perspective. Then, they'll take steps toward their goal, assess their progress, make changes as needed, and stay accountable for results.
  Absolute Power
24 one-hour sessions during 6-12 months
  Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and debrief
  unlimited email access in between sessions
Values Assessment and Personal Mission Statement

If you are confused or uncertain about what and who you want to be or are struggling to find motivation in your current work or workday, the Absolute Power Package is for you. This package allows clients to get a full makeover on who they really are. They’ll explore their strengths and values by touching base with their life experiences at a deeper level. Clients that purchase this package will take a values assessment as a part of their exploration and develop a personal mission statement that will serve as a powerful framework to develop a specific SuperWork objective, put a plan into motion, and hold themselves accountable for results in several aspects of their life.
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* the initial client session typically runs 75-90 minutes
* sessions typically occur weekly or every other week
* sessions typically are conducted over the phone or via Skype (in-person by request on a case-by-case basis)
Kristin M.
Sam M.
Kat F.
“My expectations of coaching and what Libby has to offer were more than met, they were exceeded. She is a good listener and was able to challenge me to reframe things in a useful way. Libby is a great coach!” 
“Libby provided me new ways to think about my way forward with my career and what I am looking for. She prompted me to push myself to look for different answers instead of telling me how to think.”
  “I was pleasantly surprised how much I got of our discussions and the processes Libby used with me. There are roadblocks stopping me from getting happy in life, career, and family that she helped me identify and then led me to my own courses of action.”