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superworker (noun): someone who uses energy in motivating ways in order to earn a living and to decide how to spend time

libby guanlao


I work with clients that want to be SuperWorkers but are stuck for a variety of reasons, such as those listed below. If any of these resonate with you, I can help you break through what is holding you back and unleash your SuperWorker powers!
  1. Find Joy in Your Work
    Feeling stuck or bored after years in the professional world climbing the responsibility ladder? Unmotivated to show up at the office each day? Frustrated by your perceived lack of options? Unsure what options you even have? Scared of trying a new career path?
  2. Balance Your Work
    Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, both at work and home? Convinced you can't do it all? On the verge of burn out because you can't seem to prioritize yourself?
  3. Work Wiser
    Confused as to why you can't seem to get enough done at the office, even though you push hard all day, everyday? Feeling buried by the urgent and seemingly important? Too many people demanding your time and attention?


​​work /wərk (noun)
1.      the activities with which you fill your day
2.      what you do to earn a living
3.      anything that takes up your energy

superworker/so͞o.pər.wərkər (noun)
1.      someone who uses energy in motivating ways in order to earn a living and to decide how to spend time

Work is simply work, but SuperWork combines the definitions of work to work for you in the most powerful way. SuperWork fulfills you, drives you, and puts you at ease. 

Kristin M.
Sam M.
Kat F.
“My expectations of coaching and what Libby has to offer were more than met, they were exceeded. She is a good listener and was able to challenge me to reframe things in a useful way. Libby is a great coach!” 
“Libby provided me new ways to think about my way forward with my career and what I am looking for. She prompted me to push myself to look for different answers instead of telling me how to think.”
  “I was pleasantly surprised how much I got of our discussions and the processes Libby used with me. There are roadblocks stopping me from getting happy in life, career, and family that she helped me identify and then led me to my own courses of action.”